NESTLE SPLASH Water Beverage with Natural Fruit Flavor, Strawberry Melon Flavor, 16.9 fl oz. Plastic Bottle

It’s fun to stay hydrated with Strawberry Melon NESTLE SPLASH, combining the sun-ripened flavor of fresh strawberries with the smooth, refreshing taste of melon. NESTLE SPLASH is a blend of purified water, light sweetness and natural fruit flavor. This thirst-quenching bottled beverage is also a smart alternative to sugary drinks, with no sugar and zero calories. Try it, and add a splash of flavor to your family’s daily hydration. 16.9-ounce/.5-Liter plastic bottle, perfect to take for lunch or bring to work 6-Pack: enjoy with lunch all week long A light splash of natural Strawberry Melon fruit flavors makes it fun to stay hydrated Contains zero-calorie sweeteners, so you get all the enjoyment but none of the calories A smart alternative to sugared beverages